6 Best Products For a Chicken Waterer

Some years back I never had good means to give water to my flock fancy chickens. My birds would spill the water and turn the straw wet and dump.

This led to health problems and wastage of water giving me a hard time especially when I had to leave for work. I was using open bowls and my chickens spilled litter and poop in water. In addition to that, my chicks easily drowned and chilled to death.

This prompted me to seek an alternative chicken waterer that could keep my birds hydrated all day long. I bought a RentACoop Automatic Chicken Water Nipple Cup Waterer and this took away the problem of dehydration from my chickens.

What is a chicken waterer?

A chicken waterer is a tool that is specially used to provide water to chickens. Some may refer chicken waterers as vessels meant for holding water to a flock of chickens.

They come in different sizes and shapes depending on the customer’s preference. Some chicken waterers are made of metallic material while some are made of plastic.

Metal chicken waterers are mostly made of galvanized metallic material mostly stainless steel. This material is meant to prevent them from rusting hence giving them a longer period of time.

On the other hand, plastic waterers are made of food grade plastic material that is resistant to rust or corrosion from water minerals.

Automatic chicken waterers vs. Manual chicken waterers

Automatic chicken waters are also known by some as automatic chicken drinkers. They are special as water is connected directly from the source to them using a hose pipe.

This saves you the time to go and check the water levels or refill. They ensure there is constant supply of water to your birds all the time.

These types of chicken waterers minimize movement of poultry caregivers inside the chicken house. This helps reduce any distraction on your birds like laying hens that are easily stressed when distracted.

Some examples of automatic chicken waterers are RentACoop Automatic Chicken Water Nipple Cup Waterer, Little Giant Automatic Poultry Waterer among others.

Manual chicken waterers are those waterers that require you to refill often when the water levels drops or when chickens drink it all.

They are labor intensive and require regular cleaning. These kinds of chicken waterers are suitable for chickens that are reared using the free ranging method.

What is the best chicken waterer?

The best option chicken waterer is one that should keep your flock of chickens hydrated throughout by making sure water is readily available.

This waterer should avoid any kind of spillage and also keep the water clean and fresh. It should be easy to use by short chicken breeds like Cochin bantams and baby chicks.

As for me, RentACoop Automatic Chicken Water Nipple Cup Waterer is one I would say it is the best option. Having used it and still using it gives me the first-hand experience about how this amazing tool works.

Best Products For a chicken Waterer

May be you are wondering how I settled on these products that am going to review for you below. I have raised chickens and other poultry for years and encountered numerous challenges when it comes to giving them water.

This has made me use a wide range of chicken waterers and I have experienced how they work. Even though I have not used them all, I scoured through the internet and collected reviews from some customers who have used these products.

After much research, I decided to put my thoughts and the opinions of others to writing and bring you this much helpful information to you.

My wish is that before you swipe your card, you pay for a chicken waterer that will serve you according your needs. This is a review that you will not get else where else.

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1 RentACoop Automatic Chicken Water Nipple Cup Waterer Kit Pack of 6

chicken nipple water cup

Key Features:

Size: 9 by 8 by 4 inches.

Manufacturer: RentACoop.

Weight: 5.9 ounces.

This automatic cup style chicken waterer cups ensures your chickens have access to fresh and clean drinking water all the time. They only allow small amounts of water at a time hence keeping it free from dirt.

These cup waterers can be used with various water containers and PVC pipes. A bucket that you do not use can be used to make a 5 gallon chicken waterer. This can hold up to 20 liters of water keeping your chickens hydrated for several days without a refill.

Assembling these cups is easy and you can connect them to your container of choice and make a DIY chicken waterer. All you have to do is drill holes on the desired container and screw them up and your chickens are sorted out.

These automatic chicken waterer cups are very easy for your chickens to use. Birds of all sizes from small chicks to large chickens can use it. They only need to press the pressure valve and a squirt of water gushes out.

This best chicken waterer is ideal for all kinds of poultry may they be ducks, geese, turkeys or your feathered chooks this is the ideal waterer. A single cup can serve four chickens and it can be hanged on the wall.

2 Harris Farms Double Wall Poultry Drinker

Harris farms poultry drinker

Key Features:

Size: 15.75 by 16.87 by 15.75 inches.

Weight: 5.9 pounds

Material: Stainless Steel.

If you are looking for a heated chicken waterer, this is the ideal winter chicken waterer because it can be used together with a heated base. This metallic waterer will keep the water few degrees warmer during winter by preventing it from turning into ice.

This kind of waterer is very safe because it will not catch fire or melt unlike plastic waterers. Because this tool is made of galvanized steel material, it is very durable and it cannot rust or corrode from water minerals.

It has a vacuum seal that ensures there is constant water supply. A small handle is attached on the top making hanging chicken waterer easier by suspending it from the ceiling using a dog chain.

These chicken waterers are available in different sizes for those who want a large chicken waterer for a large flock your needs are sorted out. On the other hand, there are also small chicken waterers for those with small flocks.

They are very ideal for birds of all sizes where they can easily drink without any spillage or water wastage. All kinds of poultry like ducks, geese, turkeys and chicken can use this waterer.

The top of this waterer is cone shaped making it hard for notorious chicken breeds like Hamburg’s to perch on it and contaminate the water with poop.

3 RentACoop 5 Gallon/ 4 Automatic Chicken Cup Waterer

RentACoop 5 gallon cup waterer

Key Features:

Size: 10 by 12 by 14 inches.

Weight: 2.44 pounds

Manufacturer: RentACoop

This automatic chicken waterer is very reliable because there are no tabs for your chickens to push in order to access water. The cups are always full meaning your chickens water needs are sorted out once and for all.

It is capable of holding 5 gallons of water for your chickens. This allows you as the chicken keeper to go for several days without worrying that your flock will dehydrate.

This waterer is made of a translucent food grade plastic material that allows you to monitor the water levels without opening.

It is fitted with a cap on the lid that you uncork and refill without necessarily opening the lid. The top is cone shaped denying your birds the chance to roost or perch on top of it. This prevents the birds from contaminating the water with poop.

The water remains clean because the caps automatically refill themselves as the chicken drink. In addition to that, cleaning this tool is very easy because you just need to use soap and water.

It is made of food grade high quality plastic material that cannot rust or allow corrosion to take place in it. This keeps the waterer free from clogging and blocking. It also makes the waterer very durable lasting for long.

4 Backyard Barnyard (6 Pack) Automatic Poultry Waterer Cup Drinker

backyard barnyard cup drinker

Key Features:

Weight: 3.98 ounces

Size: 7.5 by 5.5 by 2.3 inches

Manufacturer: Backyard Barnyard

This is the ideal chicken coop waterer for your chooks. It is easy for the birds to use and little or no training is required at all.

The cups only allow drinking water in them helping minimize situations where water would be spilled and wasted. This helps save this precious commodity especially where it is scarce.

These awesome cups can be used on any kind of watering systems may they be 5 gallon buckets or PVC pipes because they are very compatible.

Installing these cups can be done with your eyes closed because it is very easy. All you are required to do is drill holes in the watering system of your choice and screw them up.

These chicken cup waterers are very durable because they are made of high quality plastic material making them last for long.

5 Farm Innovators Heated 3 Gallon Poultry Drinker

farm innovators poultry drinker

Key Features:

Size: 12 by 12 by 11 inches.

Weight: 2.55 pounds.

Manufacturer: Farm Innovators Pet Products.

This heated chicken waterer will always make sure your chickens have access to drinking water even when the temperatures are very low.

It has automatic heating features where it will switch itself on when the temperatures drops keeping water in liquid state and a few degrees warmer for the chickens.

This waterer can serve up to 15 chickens and can be easily hanged or put on the floor of the chicken coop.

It has a lid that makes it easy to refill and also open to clean when need be. Chickens have to peck at the nipples to get water hence reducing spillage and wastage. This also helps to keep the water clean and fresh throughout.

This waterer is made of a translucent plastic material that allows you to monitor the water levels. The material does not rust or corrode making this tool very durable.

6 (5 Pack) Lil Clucker Large Automatic Chicken Waterer Cups

lil plucker automatic waterer cups

These automatic chicken waterer cups are ideal for your chickens and can be used on any water system of your choice. This helps to make sure that your chickens have access to water throughout.

They are easy to use since they work automatically and the birds do not need to peck for a squirt. Birds of all sizes from small chicks to large birds can use these cups.

Different kinds of poultry from turkeys, geese, ducks and guinea fowls can use these waterers. The water remains clean and fresh throughout without any spillage or wastage.

Installing these cup waterers is very easy. You only need to drill holes on the container of your choice and screw the cups. When it comes to cleaning, it is very easy because with soap and water they are done.

What is the importance of water to chickens?

Water plays a very important role in the body of chickens. Without it, they would dehydrate to death. Water helps in digestion and absorption of food. In the chicken gizzard, food is grinded by the help of grit where it is mixed with water to form sludge for further digestion and absorption.

Blood a very important fluid in the bodies of chickens is made up of 70% water. It helps to transport oxygen and valuable nutrients around the body.

Egestion or removal of unwanted food matter is made possible by the help of water. When your chickens lack water, they can suffer from constipation and die.

Metabolism in the body of chickens is facilitated by the help of water. This ensures that all chemical activities take place smoothly.

Can a chicken waterer be hanged?

Hanging chicken waterer is very important and it is advisable. Even chicken feeders should be hanged because sometimes chickens scratch the coop and throw litter in them.

Chicken waterers should be hanged by mounting them on the wall to a height at least a shoulder high so that your birds can drink with ease.

Those waterers that cannot be mounted should be hanged from the ceiling using a wire or dog chain. However, hanged waterers can easily be swayed and water spilled.

Hanging chicken waterers helps minimize spillage and wastage of water. It also prevents the water from getting contaminated with dirt and chicken poop.

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