Duck Feeder: What You Need To Know

When raising ducks as pets or for meat, you need to have the right tools because these birds need to eat and drink. One such tool is a duck feeder.

Ducks are messy when feeding and like soggy or marshy food because they are easy to swallow. Ranging ducks are omnivores where plants, seeds, fish and tasty grubs are a favorite duck food.

In case you do not intend to let your ducks range, you need to have a proper feeder where you will put their food. This will help minimize feed loss and wastage. It will also ensure that the extra cash that would be spent on wasted feed is saved.

What is a duck feeder?

A duck feeder is a tool or a vessel that holds food for ducks. It prevents loss of feed through wastage through spillage. Additionally, it will also help keep the feeds clean and fresh by preventing any dirt from mixing or falling in.

Duck feeders are available in different sizes and shapes depending on the age of your birds and your preference too. In addition to this, tools also come in various materials like plastic and metallic.

The best product for a duck feeder should hold the food for ducks without spillage. It should be easy for the ducks to access food with ease at all times, should be easy to clean and store also. In addition to this, the feeder should be affordable and durable too.

Best Products for a Duck Feeder

It has taken me much of my time going through the internet to look for a product that will meet your expectations.

I have read comments from various platforms from people who have used these products in order to get experience of some of the products I have not used myself.

Majority of these products am about to review I have used them. So, with experience I am sure of what am recommending to you.

Being a poultry keeper and a number one duck enthusiast, I know the hustle one goes through without a proper duck feeder. Additionally, I also understand the pain of digging deeper in the pocket to buy extra feeds simply because your birds wasted and soiled it with duck poop and dirt.

So, before you swipe your card and take that feeder in your mind home, here is a review for the best duck feeders I recommend.

Let’s roll!

1 Royal Rooster Duck Feeder with Rain Cover and Twin Valve Cup Waterer Set

royal rooster feeder

Key Features

Size: 5 by 9 by 20 inches.

Weight: 4.62 pounds.

Manufacturer: Royal Rooster.

I am sure you don’t want to loose duck food to sparrows, squirrels and other vermin. If yes, this is the kind of a duck feeder you are looking for. It has a cover that prevents unwelcome guests from dining on free meals.

How did you feel the other day when you found your duck food soggy because of rain water? I understand what you felt. This feeder has a rain cover that keeps every single rain drop at bay. This ensures that your duck food remains dry and clean throughout.

This duck feeder is ideal for use use both in the inside or outside at any weather. It allows hooking on the mesh or permanent fixing on the wall with brackets that are provided. By doing this, no feed will turn into waste because ducks feed by raking the food sideways and there will be no room left for wastage.

It is specially made in a unique way. The divisions are large enough to allow the duck bills fit well. This feature ensures that the ducks can eat from this feeder at any time without you worrying about your birds starving.

In addition to that, these feeders come along in a set together with duck waterers. This gives you the guarantee of a healthy and well fed flock.

Don’t strain you mind thinking of any algae build up in this set of tools. To clean is so easy and can be done with one eye closed or both. It is made with a quality plastic material. It will only require a flush of water with some soap and dirt is off.


Cleaning this feeder is very easy.

It prevents feed loss through wastage.

The rain cover helps to keep the food dry.

The body is plastic thus, it does not corrode or rust.


However, it is not ideal for a large flock.

This feeder is not good with wet and sticky feeds.

2 KEBONNIXS Automatic Chicken Cup Waterer and Port Feeder Set

KEBONNIXS feeder and waterer set

Key Features

Material: Plastic

Size: 17.17 by 12.91 by 7.8 pounds.

Manufacturer: KEBONNIXS.

Capacity: 10lbs.

This duck feeder body is of a high quality food grade plastic material. This material is very durable and easy to clean. Because it is plastic, rusting and corrosion are not any problem to you.

After using this feeder, I am sure you will do away with the other ordinary feeders you have been using. Your duck feeds remains clean and dry all through. It has a rain proof lid that keeps off rain giving you a choice to use it inside or outside the duck pen.

Wastage and loss of feeds should not bother you anymore. Your ducks will have to put their heads through the feeding ports provided and eat from inside. This will not allow loss of even a single pellet or contamination with poop and dirt.

The hustle of opening the lid to check feed levels is dealt with. Its body is of a translucent plastic material that allows you to monitor the feed level from a distance.

Am sure your busy schedule calls for a feeder that can hold large amounts of feeds for your ducks for several days. This feeder is one of its kind and can hold 10lbs of duck feed at once enough to keep 10 ducks well fed for 3 days.

It is available as a set with a duck waterer. Both products work well as a formidable pair keeping your flock well fed and hydrated.

Sparrows, mice and all kinds of vermin will not have the opportunity to steal and enjoy free lunch. This feeder has a top cover allowing only your ducks to eat from it. This saves you several dollars you would have spent to buy extra feeds. In addition to that, it also has clips and hooks where it can be hanged on the fence or mounted on the wall.


The feeds remain clean and dry.

There are no cases of feed loss through wastage.

It has clips and you will choose to either mount it on the wall or hang on the wire mesh.

This feeder is very easy for ducks to use thus, they require no training.


It is not suitable for baby ducklings.

Notorious ducks will rake through the feeds and scatter them out through the large feeding ports.

3 RentACoop Chicken Poultry Feeder with Rain Cover 10 Pounds Capacity

rentacoop poultry feeder

Key Features

Size: 6 by 6 by 17.5 inches.

Material: Plastic.

Manufacturer: RentACoop.

Worry no more about your duck feeds turning soggy. It has a rain cover that ensures the food remains dry and fresh. More so, lid closes firmly and is cone shaped letting any rain drops drip off when the feeder is placed outside.

This all-weather feeder is ideal for use during any kind of weather. It is very versatile and is ideal in the duck coop, mounted on the wall or even hanged on the fence.

Cleaning this feeder is easy and fast. When need be, you only need to open the lid and access the interior. Use soapy water with a piece of cloth followed by a thorough rinse.

Feed wastage and loss is no longer a head ache. Your ducks have enough space to put their heads and eat without messing with the feeds like they used to with ordinary feeders.

I am sure you want something that will last so that it serves you for long. Here is the answer RentACoop Chicken Poultry Feeder body is of a high quality food grade plastic material. It does not rust or corrode and it has a long lifespan like you desire it to have.

This no waste duck feeder does not allow unwanted guests like rodents and wild birds to come and have a share of free meals. It has a cover and hooks that allow you to select a place of your choice to hang.


The feeds remain clean and dry.

There are no cases of feed wastage and loss.

The body is of a high quality food grade plastic material thus cannot rust.

This feeder is versatile and it is good for use either inside or outside the duck house.


This feeder is not suitable for ducklings.

It is not good to use with wet feeds.

You cannot tell the feed level from a distance because of the opaque material.

4 Rural 365 Galvanized Chicken Feeder Rat Proof Poultry Feeder with Lid Weather Proof

rural 365 feeder

Key Features

Weight: 6.91 Pounds.

Size: 17 by 10 by 8 inches.

Material: Metallic.

Manufacturer: Rural365.

This duck feeder is built to last with a high quality galvanized metallic sheet that is not deterred by either rain or sun. It gives this feeder a longer service span lasting for years keeping your webbed friends always well fed.

At the top back of this feeder there are drilled holes that allows it to be mounted or hanged on the wall. This amazing feature allows no rodents and other kinds of vermin to climb and steal duck food.

The feeds always remain clean and dry because it has a rain cover and the body is water tight.

Cases of spilt and waste feeds are well sorted. Ducks only have the space to dip their bills through the divisions on the trough without raking through the feeds.

It allows all kinds of feeds from pellets, crumbles and wet feeds. The removable lid allows you to open to refill or check the feed levels with ease. On the lid there is a handle that allows you to open and close with ease.


It can hold large amounts of feeds.

This feeder is very easy for ducks to use.

With this feeder there are no cases of feed wastage and loss.

It is good to use on any kind of weather.


It is not suitable for baby ducks.

The metallic material can easily rust and corrode.

5 RentACoop Chick Feeder Waterer Kit

rentacoop feeder waterer kit

Key Features

Size: 8 by 8 by 4 inches.

Weight: 13.1 ounces.

Material: Plastic.

Manufacturer: RentACoop.

Wondering of what to use as a feeder for your baby ducks? This is the kind of a duck feeder I would recommend. It is exactly a perfect match for ducklings.

This automatic duck feeder allows your young birds to access feeds with ease. It has seven feeding ports where 7 ducklings can feed at once.

Feeds move down with gravity as the birds feed making the food available. The food remains clean and dry without spillage and loss.

The top has a translucent plastic material. This allows you to see the feed level from a distance letting you to know when to refill more.

It is made from a high quality food grade plastic material that is easy to clean. The parts are easy to dismantle and assemble after cleaning.


It is suitable with ducks of all sizes.

Easy to refill

This feeder is easy to clean.

It is easy to monitor the feed level.


However, it is not good for use out during the rainy season.

6 25LB Outdoor Rainproof Galvanized Chicken Feeder 20 Liter Capacity

outdoor galvanized feeder

Key Features

Material: Metal

Brand: RentACoop

Size: 17 by 13 by 7.9 inches

Weight: 9.18 pounds

Do you want a metallic and well galvanized duck feeder? Here is one for you. It is galvanized so that it will not rust or corrode giving it a longer service span.

This tool is made in a way that your ducks will eat with ease. It will help prevent spilling or wasting any feed. When feeding this way, the extra cost you incur in buying more feeds is saved.

Rain or strong sun should worry you no more. It is rainproof and not even a single drop of rain can get in it and mess with duck food.

The feeds remain clean and dry all day long. It has a removable lid for easy refill and checking the feed levels.

This feeder has large feeding ports where your ducks can put their heads and access food without any spillage.

It is very versatile and is ideal when inside the coop or even outside as you may desire. The drilled holes at the back allow you to hang it with clips on the fence or mount it permanently on the wall.

The problem of sparrows, rats and other vermin has come to an end. Any unwanted guests that sneak in for free meals are now kept at bay. It has caps that deter feed thieves and the body is smooth making it hard for rats to climb.


The feeds remain clean and dry.

It is made of a galvanized material that will not rust or corrode.

There are no cases of feed wastage.

It is very versatile.

This feeder can hold large amounts of feeds.


Ducks have to wait in line to feed.

It is not suitable with baby ducks.

With this feeder you cannot check the feed levels from a distance.

7 SuperHandy Chicken Feeder Automatic 20lbs (9kg) Capacity Trough

superhandy feeder

Key Features

Weight: 12 pounds

Size: 19.7 by 17 by 11.2 inches

Manufacturer: Intradin Co. Ltd

If you are looking for an automatic duck feeder this one here is the best. It is made of a high quality galvanized steel material that do not rust or corrode.

Rats, mice and squirrels will no longer have the opportunity to have free meals. This feeder only opens when ducks above 1.8lbs step on it. After they have their fill, the feeder automatically closes denying any opportunist a chance.

This feeder has an anti-flick grill that prevents ducks from raking the feed out thus preventing feed wastage and loss.

It has a large trough that can allow 9kgs of duck feeds at once. This large capacity is ideal for you with a busy schedule as your ducks can go for several days with enough food.

The treadle plate has diamond markings on it for maximum safety. These markings prevent your ducks from slipping over and fall.


It can hold large amounts of feeds at once.

The automatic opening and closing features prevents rain from getting in.

This feeder has an anti-flick grill prevents feed loss and wastage.

It is made of a high quality stainless steel material that is rust proof.


It is not ideal for light weight bantam breeds and ducklings.

This feeder is not good when used out in the sun. The treadle plate gets hot and will burn the ducks feet.

How to choose the Right Duck Feeder

Before putting your hand in the pocket, you should know that a decent feeder is a big purchase. So, stay sharp! In this buying guide I am going to point out what you need to look at a duck feeder before swiping your card.

Factors to consider when buying a duck feeder

1 Size of your flock

How many ducks do you have? If they are many, choose a large feeder or more than one. Many ducks require a feeder with several feeding ports so that they can have an equal share.

2 The age of your ducks

Young ducks require a low feeder placed on the ground because they are small. Remember they do not have the long necks and will most likely starve if the feeders you have are tall.

3 Ducks are very messy

Ducks are messy and enjoy moist feeds that are mixed with water. They rake through the feeds with their bills and scatter them all over,

For this case, choose a no mess duck feeder that will ensure no wastage of feeds occurs. Additionally, put a large tray under the feeder if you notice any food spilt on the ground.

4 Durability

Choose a feeder made of high quality material that will last longer. Certain feeders that are made of poor quality plastic that easily crack when the temperature drops. Some will often rust and corrode because they are not galvanized.

Such poor quality feeders are not good and will not last for long.

5 Remember sparrows and squirrels who steal

In order to curb the issue of feed wastage and loss, it is very important to remember birds like sparrows and rodents like squirrels and other vermin are opportunists.

These animals will eat up large amounts of feeds that would have ended up in your bird’s stomachs. This contributes to loss and wastage making you incur an extra cost.

Choose a duck feeder that has pest proof features for maximum safety.

Can I use a chicken feeder for ducks?

Yes! Most feeders used by chickens are good with ducks. The major difference between the way ducks feed is that they rake through the feeds and have broad bills.

Chickens feed by pecking the food and scratching the ground. Any chicken feeder with a wide feeding area for ducks to put their bills is good with ducks.

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