Automatic Chicken Feeders: Everything You Need To Know

Automatic chicken feeders have become a new way to keep our chickens fed. They have made it easy to keep chickens from starving even when you are away.

Feeding chickens is fun and enjoyable. A well fed flock will lay lots of eggs and offer you much meat enough for your family.

So, are you looking for an automatic feeder for chicken? You are in the right spot. This article will cover everything you need to know about these chicken raising tools.

I have also reviewed some of the best products for chicken feeders automatic that I have used. You are here to get what you want!

Let’s indulge!

What is an Automatic Chicken Feeder?

An automatic chicken feeder is a too that holds and makes the feed available for chickens without human intervention.

This tool keeps the feeds clean and fresh throughout. Chicken feeds are available on the feeding pot throughout.

What are the best automatic chicken feeders?

There are different varieties of chicken feeders available. However, I have reviewed some of the best that I have used before with my chickens.

I have also done a thorough research and scoured through the internet to get the views of people who have used these products before.

Myself am not an aggressive marketer but I can recommend what I know it is good for you just like these products have been to me.

RentACoop Automatic Chicken 25lb Treadle Feeder

RentACoop automatic feeder

Brand: RentACoop

Color: Metallic

Size: 21 by 18.5 by 14 inches

Material: Metal

This is the best chicken feeder I have ever used. It is big and can hold 25lb of chicken feeds keeping my Frizzle chickens well fed even when I am not around.

The feeds will remain clean and fresh all the time. This tool does not allow feed spillage or contamination with dirt and beddings.

Do not worry about rain and bad weather. They are water tight and no drop of rain will get inside to spoil your chicken treats.

Are you looking for a pet proof feeder for chickens? This treadle feeder will not allow raccoons, rats and other vermin to come and get free meals. The lid closes well and will only open when the hens step on the treadle plate.

These feeders are very versatile and will allow different feeds like grains, chicken scratch, pellets and crumbles for your hens.

Training your birds to use this tool is very easy. It comes along with an instruction manual to help you learn how to operate it.

However, it is not suitable for chicks because their light body weights will not put enough pressure on the treadle plate to open the lid.

Grandpa`s Feeders Automatic Chicken Feeder

grandpas chicken feeder

Brand: Grandpa`s Feeders

Size: 22 by 18 by 16 inches

Weight: 10 Pounds

Operation: Automatic

These feeders will provide feeds to your chickens on demand. This is because they are large and can handle large amounts of food for chickens at a time.

They come in different sizes depending on what you want. Such feeders will keep chickens well fed for several days even when you are on a vacation.

Grandpa’s feeders are built to last for long. They are made with a high quality galvanized stainless steel material that will not be affected by rust or corrosion.

These feeders will spare you much precious time that would be spent to check and refill them. The feeds remain clean and fresh free from pine shavings and other types of litter.

Because the lid will only open when enough pressure is applied on the plate, rats, wild birds, rodents and squirrels will not get a chance to eat free food.

These feeders are good for rooster breeds with large combs because of their large opening. They are built to serve your chickens just as you wish.

RentACoop Chicken Poultry Feeder With Rain Cover 10 Pounds

RentACoop poultry feeder

Brand: RentACoop

Color: White

Material: Wood, Metal, Polyvinyl Chloride

Size: 6 by 6 by 17.5 inches

Your messiest hens will not manage to pull the feeds out. The chickens will access the feeds while still fresh and clean free from chicken poop and litter.

Rodents, mice, rats, wild birds and raccoons will not manage to sneak inside the chicken coop- and enjoy free meals. This helps save a lot of cash that could be used to buy extra crumbles and pellets.

It is very versatile and can be placed anywhere you want. This feeder can be hanged, wall mounted or even placed outside the chicken run.

They are made of plastic making them very durable because they can withstand harsh weather giving you a longer service span.

These feeders’ will work well with different types of feeds. They can be used with different poultry like geese, ducks and silver pheasants.

At the top of these feeders is an anti-roost cone that will discourage your hen breeds from perching and roosting on top of them.

Rural 365 Galvanized Chicken Feeder

rural 365 chicken feeder

Color: Metallic

Material: Metal

Operation: Automatic

This feeder will ensure a steady supply of feeds for your chickens at all the time. It is big and will hold large amounts of feeds keeping chickens fed all the time.

They are available in different sizes depending on the size of your flock. These feeders are made of galvanized steel making them durable and cannot be affected by rust or corrosion.

This vermin proof chicken feeder is made in a way that chickens cannot toss seeds, mealworms or crumbles out leading to feed wastage.

It is rainproof and water tight meaning that no drop of water will leak in to spoil your chicken feeds. This allows the feeds to remain clean and fresh for long.

They have a lid that can easily be removed to make cleaning easy and fast.

Royal Rooster Chicken Poultry Feeder with Rain Cover 6.5lb Capacity

royal rooster chicken feeder

Brand: Royal Rooster

Material: Plastic

Color: White

Size: 20 inches

This gravity type chicken feeder is an ideal choice for your friendliest chicken breeds. Feeds will come down as the birds eat keeping them well fed.

It is made up of a high quality plastic material. Your feeder will not rust nor corrode giving it a longer lifespan to serve you.

No cases of feed spillage. It is made in a way that your messiest bantams will not toss and throw out any grain or crumbles from the feeder.

The feeds remain clean and fresh. They will not easily contaminated with poop or beddings because it can be hanged or mounted on the wall.

This feeder allows all feed types. It stands at a height of 20 inches and can hold up to 6.5lbs of feeds at a time serving around 4-6 chickens at a go.

The feeding pots are located very low allowing chicks and small bantam breeds to use this feeder. You do not need to buy a new model when the chickens grow tall, simply mount it.

Super Handy Chicken Feeder Automatic 20lbs

Super Handy chicken feeder

Brand: Super Handy

Material: Metal

Color: Metallic

Operation: Automatic

These automatic chicken feeders are fitted with an anti-flick grill that allows chickens to eat without tossing or spilling the feeds.

They are fitted with a treadle plate that will only push the lid up once a hen applies pressure by stepping on it.

This feeder for chickens is made of a galvanized stainless steel metallic material that is resistant to rust and corrosion making it to last for long.

It has side guards to train your hens how to use it and access the food. Wild birds, rats and other vermin cannot access the feeds and get free meals.

They have large openings to allow roosters with large combs to eat from them. Their metallic bodies allow them to be placed outside no matter the weather.

These feeders have a large capacity and can hold enough feeds for 6 chickens for 12 days meaning they will not starve when you are not around.

However, these feeders are not good with baby chicks. The feeder action may harm or kill these little critters.

Care and maintenance for automatic chicken feeders

  • Tighten any loose bolts and nuts.
  • Replace broken and missing parts like handles.
  • Mount and hang those types that allow this.
  • Clean and oil the moving parts to avoid corrosion and tear.
  • When placing chicken feeders on the ground, make sure they are resting flat on the ground surface.

Factors to consider when buying an automatic chicken feeder

Vermin Control

A good chicken feeder should be hard for rats and other vermin to steal feeds. Good automatic feeders should be opened by action of pressure from the hens.

Letting rodents and wild birds eat from your chicken feeders can lead to feed loss and spread od diseases and parasites.


Most metallic and plastic chicken feeders are durable and will rust for long. Galvanized steel and plastic feeders will not rust or corrode.

Buy a feeder that will last for long because this will help you save money. Good quality feeders will serve you long enough to raise several flocks.

Size of the flock

A large number of chickens will need commercial automatic chicken feeders. This will hold large amounts of food for them.

On the other hand, small flocks will call for a small feeder. This will hold just enough amount of food for them to eat for a few days.


Different feeders will come in different prices. Some with more unique and automatic features will be pricy and costly to buy.

Cheap automatic feeders are likely to be made of plastic and not metallic material. They will have few features and are not very durable.

You do not have to spend all the cash on one item whereas there are chicken feeders DIY that you can make from locally available materials.


Automatic chicken feeders play a major role in poultry farming. They will ensure that your chicken breeds have enough food to eat.

These tools will help reduce cases of feed spillage, contamination and theft by wild birds and vermin leading to losses.

Good chicken feeders should be easily accessible, easy to use and hold feeds for long while still fresh and free from molds.

Automatic chicken feeders for sale are available on Amazon and other online stores or tractor supply store near you.

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