Can Chickens Eat Banana Peels?

Chickens have a huge appetite and can eat an array of foods. Almost anything edible to these feathered friends will end up in their stomachs. So, can chickens eat banana peels?

We are fond of sharing some of our foods with chickens including chicken. This is good and bad at the same time.

Maybe you are now confused and wondering how something can be good or bad. If anything is too much than recommended, it becomes bad.

But when fed in the right amount, it becomes good and healthy. In this article, I am going to tackle the question whether chickens can eat banana peels.

This will help you know when, how and how much banana peels to feed to chickens.

Let’s roll!

Can chickens have banana peels?

YES! Banana peels are good for chickens to eat. They are rich in phosphorus, potassium and other good vitamins and minerals that are vital for the chicken’s health.

Banana peels are good when fed as a treat. This means that they are good when fed sparingly and in moderation to supplement their main course of commercial feeds.

Apart from banana peels, the banana fruit is nutritious and good for your chickens too. When the harvest is bumper, you can share some of your ripe fruit with your hens instead of throwing then away.

Do chickens like banana?

Ripe bananas are soft and sweet. They are easy for your chickens to eat and they will make them go wild.

Chickens do like bananas because they are tasty and ready to eat. Either yellow or brown bananas, chickens will eat them well.

Put them in clean chicken feeders and let your chickens enjoy. Throwing them on the ground is not recommended because they may get dirt and poop.

Chickens can have banana peels alone or you can choose to mix them chopped with other treats like asparagus and rice.

How many banana peels can chickens eat?

Simply because chickens can eat these peels does not mean it is their main diet. Continue feeding chickens the recommended diet of commercial feeds.

Banana peels are good as a treat and not as the staple. They do not contain all the required nutrients like feeds do.

Precaution is necessary because some peels may contain some pesticides and other farm chemicals. Ensure they are washed well before letting your chickens enjoy them.

Not all chickens will like banana peels. So, if you don’t see your birds getting close to them, do not be surprised.

These peels are tough and leathery. They are hard for chickens to eat unless they are chopped. Perhaps, when pushed by extreme hunger chickens will pay attention to them.

How should banana peels be served to chickens?

Banana peels are too big for chickens to swallow. In addition to this, they are tough and require to be sliced into small pieces that are easy to swallow.

Chop these peels into small pieces and if possible take your timer and boil them for some few minutes. Boiling makes banana peels tender and soft.

You can choose to go an extra mile and mash them using a mortar in a pestle. When mashed, they turn into a sweet thick paste that is very easy to eat.

Green banana peels are not good for chickens. They are very hard and I don’t think any bird can dare have them.

Green peels are good for other farm animals like pygmy goats and cattle.

Ripe peels can be fed directly or mixed with other treats. You can tie several peels and hand them in the chicken coop. They will act as boredom busters and keep the birds busy.

One or two banana peels is a good way to keep your chooks hydrated during summer. These peels are moisture rich and a good source of water.

Hang several peels in your chicken coop. This way, roosters and hens will be kept busy. They will peck at the peel instead of pecking on one another.

However, these peels do not meet all the dietary requirements of chickens. They contain too much sugar which can be converted into fat making the chickens obese and overweight.

What scraps are bad for chickens to eat?

Although most foods that we eat are good for chickens, some pose a health risk. Any salty and oily food is not good for chickens.

Salt contains too much sodium which can damage their kidneys. Oil, butter and margarine will give these birds a diarrhea because their digestive systems are not designed to handle them.

Any daily products such as yoghurt, whole milk and butter are not good either. These products are a recipe for diarrhea which can lead to dehydration.

Although daily products are not good, cheese can be fed to chickens in moderation as a treat.

All junk foods such as chocolate and chips are bad for chickens just as they are for you. Junk foods will make chickens obese and overweight.

Overweight chickens are prone to joint and back problems.          

Meat is another table scrap that you should avoid. Raw meat can make chickens contract salmonella poisoning putting their health and well-being at risk.

However, well-cooked leftover meat can be given to chickens as a treat. But as you share your meat with these birds ensure it has no fat, additives and salt.

Chickens will even eat chicken. Make sure those pieces are chopped into small pieces to prevent choking.

Remember that these birds have no teeth to crush bones. So, always ensure they enjoy boneless meat once in a while.


It is good to know that chickens can eat banana peels. This is nice since instead of those peels ending up in your compost, they will be fed to your birds.

Treats are good since they help lower the cost of feeds. They also supplement chickens diet with additional vitamins and minerals.

Although treats are good, feeding too much can lead to health issues. Toss treats once a while and in moderation for good results.

Other treats like onion can alter with the flavor of eggs and are not the best. Not all chickens will enjoy treats. This is common if they are having them for their first time.

Do your chickens eat banana peels? Share your thoughts.

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