Can Chickens Eat Bananas?

Chickens are not choosy eaters and they will dare anything that seems edible to them. These chooks will not spare chicken either. So, can chickens eat bananas?

Most fruits are good to feed to chickens as treats. This means that moderation is key and they should enjoy them once in a while.

Fruits like bananas are laden with vitamins and nutrients making them good for chickens to eat. However, let’s not forget the sugar content in them.

This article will cover everything you need to know about chickens and bananas. It will help you know whether they are good for chickens or not.

So, can chickens eat bananas?

Yes! Chickens can eat bananas just like they eat cherries and oranges. Bananas are packed with good vitamins and minerals which are important for their health.

This tasty fruit is also rich in sugars and carbohydrates which are converted into energy. Energy will help keep your brown rooster breeds strong.

Bananas do not pose any health hazard to your feathered friends. Feeding bananas to chickens will ensure that your chickens get extra nutrients in their fluffy bodies.

Can chickens eat banana peels?

Can chickens eat banana peels?

I know you might be hesitant to feed banana peels to your flock. This is because you might have learnt from tomatoes that not every part of a plant might be good for chickens to eat.

Banana peels are good and do not let those rinds rot in the compost if you have hens. However, these peels may be laden with pesticides.

Because of this, only feed those banana peels you are sure about their source. If you are not sure, wash and rinse those peels with clean water before feeding them to your birds.

In addition to farm chemicals, banana peels might be very hard and tough for your chickens to eat. Consider chopping them to bite size pieces to prevent choking.

You can also mash them and serve them in chicken feeders as a paste. If the peels are from unripe bananas, boiling them is good because it will soften them up.

Perhaps not all your girls are enjoying banana peels? Don’t be surprised, that is very common because these chickens have different preferences and tastes.

Can chickens eat banana plant?

Can chickens eat banana leaves?

Chickens like bananas and they will not mind to have some if you are kind enough. So, do they like banana plants just like they love bananas?

There is nothing wrong with feeding banana plants to chickens. My hens will eat the soft leaves of banana plants a habit they have copied from the geese.

However these leaves may have traces and residues of farm chemicals used to control pests and other banana diseases.

Banana stems are good too for chickens to eat. But the stems may pose a challenge because they are very tough and fibrous.

To make the stems easy for them to eat, chop them into tiny pieces so that swallowing becomes very easy.

You can also chop, mash the stem and mix it with other chicken feeds. Geese and ducks have a taste for mashed banana stems and enjoy them very much.

How to serve bananas to chickens

Bananas do not require much preparation for chickens to eat. One way is peeling the fruit and tossing it directly to your girls.

But if you decide to go by this method, be sure that your chickens will eat dirt and germs. They can also step on this fruit and spread it everywhere they go.

To avoid your chickens eating dirt, peel the fruit and put it in chicken feeders. You can also decide to hang it in the coop.

This way, chickens will be kept busy pecking at this treat. It will also keep them occupied and act as a boredom buster.

Some chicken keepers use bananas as a decoy to entice chickens to return to the coop on time. This way, you will tame your notorious pullets that roost on trees.

Freezing a ripe banana is also another good way to feed this fruit treat to your chickens. A cold piece of banana is a good way to keep their bodies cool on a hot summer day.

However, check the chicken feeders and inside the coop for any uneaten banana. Leaving the banana inside the chicken coop will attract rodents and other vermin.

In addition to this, if a leftover banana is not removed in the chicken feeder, it may rot and get bad becoming a breeding ground for diseases.

What types of bananas do chickens like?

Although your girls are enjoying banana, you might think that all bananas are good for them to eat. This is not true and also not all chickens will eat them.

Ripe bananas are considered best by many. It happens so because they are very common in the local market.

However, ripe bananas contain too much sugar in them compared to raw ones. Feeding chickens sugary foods may cause a health hazard.

These types of foods may lead to obese and overweight chickens. When your yellow rooster breeds gain too much weight, they became prone to joint and back problems.

On the other hand, unripe bananas are good and healthy because they are very rich in carbohydrate. However, when raw they do not have a very pleasant taste which may turn off your hens.

Cooked unripe bananas are good because they are soft and taste much better than raw ones. But avoid feeding chicken’s foods with too much salt, butter and other seasonings.

Leftover bananas are good just like popcorn, cooked rice and cooked potatoes. These foods are even better when fed in moderation.

Why feed bananas to chickens?

The reason why we feed bananas to chickens is to supplement their diet with extra minerals and vitamins.

These treats are also good boredom busters to chickens. They will keep your Welsummer hens busy pecking at them instead of bullying and feather picking.

For you to understand better, study the table below and see what nutrients bananas have for your pet chickens.

1 cup sliced banana nutrition

Nutrient                                              Value

Energy                                                  134Kcal

Cholesterol                                         0

Protein                                                 1.64g

Fat                                                          0.495g

Carbohydrate                                    34.2g

Fiber                                                      3.9g

Sugars                                                   18.3g

Vitamin C                                             13g

Vitamin K                                             0.75ug

Manganese                                        0.405mg

Iron                                                        0.39mg

Potassium                                           537mg

Magnesium                                        40.5mg

Phosphorus                                        33mg

Sodium                                                 1.5mg

Zinc                                                        0.225mg


As you can see from the table above, bananas contain a host of vitamins and minerals. This makes them a good treat for your chickens.

They have fiber which will help their bowels run smooth. Iron in these fruits will prevent them from contracting anemia a blood condition which can lead to death.

Can baby chickens eat bananas?

Baby chickens can eat bananas but they are not the best for these little critters. This treat does not contain all the nutrients that they require for healthy growth and development.

Chicks require a diet that is rich in protein at the rate of 22-24%.  These young birds have more muscles, feathers and other organs to develop.

Apart from a protein rich diet, other minerals, vitamins and chick grit are also needed to make sure they are healthy.

However, you can feed bananas to your chicks in moderation. Chop a ripe banana into tiny pieces or mash it and mix with chick starter feeds.

How much banana do chickens require?

Just as it is with other treats like cilantro and carrots, bananas too need to be fed in moderation. Remember that they are only meant to supplement their diet.

Do not do away with their main diet of crumbles and pellets just because you found out that they have developed a taste for this fruit.

All treats fed to chickens should not exceed 10% of their total diet. Treats do not offer all the nutrients chickens require thus, moderation is key.

Can chickens eat bananas Final Thoughts

Bananas are good for chickens. They contain beneficial vitamins and minerals for your hens and roosters.

However, they are not the staple diet and require to be fed in moderation. These fruits contain a lot of sugar which is not good for chicken’s heath.

Banana peels are good too for your boys just like peanuts and cucumbers are. But for them, it will be good if you chop into pieces or mash to make it easy for your yellow bantams to swallow.

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