Can Chickens Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Chickens aren’t picky eaters. They can eat almost anything that seems edible to them. Most of the foods we eat are good for them just as they are to us. So can chickens eat brussel sprouts?

Your hens can eat chicken just as they can eat Brussels sprouts and other vegetables. Treats are good for chickens.

They supplement these feathered friends with additional vitamins, minerals and some powerful antioxidants.

However, treats need to be fed in moderation once in a while. So are Brussels sprouts the best for chickens? How much sprouts do chickens need?

In this article, there are answers on what you need to know about chickens and brussel sprouts.

Let’s roll!

Do chickens eat brussel sprouts?

Can chickens eat brussel sprouts? Yes! Brussel sprouts are certainly on the chickens menu. These vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are good for chicken’s well-being.

Sprouts belong to the same family with cabbage, and pose no health hazard to your flock. If you have some excess sprouts, be generous and let your hens have some.

Raw brussel sprouts

Chickens can eat raw brussel sprouts. Although these sprouts are a bit tough, they pose no health hazard to your blue roosters.

It will be good if you first chop them into bite-size pieces. This way, it will be easier for them to swallow without choking.

Take care when feeding those store bought sprouts. They may have been grown in the green house where farm chemical and pesticides are often used.

If you are not sure about the source, rinse them thoroughly with clean water. Those chemicals are very toxic and can cause lead poisoning when ingested.

Are cooked Brussels sprouts good for chickens?

Yes cooked Brussels are good for chickens to eat. Do not throw some of your leftovers in the compost. Be generous and share them with your chickens.

However, chickens do not require food with spices, butter and salt. Giving them food with too much salt can lead to health issues.

If you intend to cook some brussel sprouts for your chickens, boil them, steam or microwave. Cooking will make them soft and tender.

They will become easier for chickens to eat. When cooking, chop these sprouts into bite-size pieces to make them easy to swallow.

Can chickens eat frozen Brussels sprouts?

Frozen Brussels sprouts are refreshing for chickens on a hot summer day. They will not only cool their bodies but also make them full.

Put some sprouts in the fridge and let them to remain there for some minutes. After a while, remove them, chop into pieces and serve.

Chickens will munch on them happily as they get that nice cooling effect. You can choose to freeze brussel sprouts, celery, cherries and watermelon together.

This way, you can feed several treats together in one serving. Giving more than one treat ensures that they get multiple nutrients once.

How much Brussels sprouts do chickens need?

Chickens will eat as much Brussels sprouts as they can. Although eating many sprouts causes no harm, it is advisable that you feed them in moderation.

These sprouts do not contain all the nutrients chickens require in the right proportions. With this in mind, let your birds stick to their main course of commercial feeds.

Feed some brussel stalks, leaves and the sprouts sparingly. This way, this tasty vegetable will supplement them with some extra nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.

Any treats fed to chickens like dried mealworms should account for 10% of their diet. The other 90% should comprise of the recommended feeds like pellets and crumbles.

What parts of Brussel sprouts are good for chickens to eat?

The entire brussel plant is good for chickens to eat except the roots. Sprouts are more like cabbage and look very similar.

Brussels heads are very nutritious for chickens to eat. They have green leaves that your pullet breeds will enjoy munching on.

Chop them into bite-size pieces. The stalks are good too for chickens to eat. However, Brussels stalks are a bit tough and will require you to cook them well before feeding to chickens.

Cooking these stalks will make them soft and easier to swallow without choking. Boil, steam or microwave them without adding oil, salt or pepper.

You can mix brussel sprouts with cauliflower and toss them to your hens. When chopped, these two vegetables make good treats for your birds.

Things that are toxic for chickens to eat

Although most foods are good for chickens either as a staple diet or treats, there are things they should not eat.

Eating certain foods may result in ill health, death or poor production. However, for some, they are only good in very small quantities.

So, what are they?

Junk foods

Junks are bad for chickens just as they are to you. These foods are mainly processed like chocolate and marshmallows.

They contain too much sugar and can make your red rooster breeds and other chickens obese and overweight.

Some like chips, leftover pizza and chicken contain oils, salt and other additives. Chickens do not need oily foods neither do they require salt and spices.


Onion is good when fed in moderation. This vegetable is rich in strong flavors which are not very good for your hens.

When chickens eat onion especially when raw, the flavor of the eggs they lay changes. If you have some extra bulbs, boil or steam them before feeding.

Raw meat

Chickens are omnivores when they free range. They will not spare small rodents, snakes, insects, seeds and small weeds.

However, raw meat is not the best treat to feed them. Uncooked meat can cause salmonella poisoning which can lead to ill health.

If you want to share some meat with your birds, cook it thoroughly and chop it into small pieces. Ensure that the meat is not oily and contains no salt and other additives.

Avocado seed

A ripe avocado fruit is a nice treat for your hen breeds. However, the seed is not good and should never be fed at all.

This seed contains a toxic chemical substance called cyanide which can be poisonous when ingested. Other fruit seeds and pits to avoid include cherries, grapes, plum and peaches.

Raw beans

Raw beans are not good for chickens. They contain a toxic chemical called hemaglutinin which can be very toxic when ingested.

However, raw green beans are a good treat for your flock. They can be canned, cooked or even frozen. Feed in moderation and do not do away with their main diet just because they started eating them.

Moldy food

Any bad food with, molds on it should never be fed to chickens. These foods are bad and can cause ill health or death when consumed.

Final Thoughts on chickens and brussel sprouts

Brussels sprouts are a good treat to include in your chickens diet. Although nothing can happen if your hens eat too much sprouts, it is good you feed in moderation.

Never do away with their main diet of commercial feeds just because you found out that they can eat sprouts pretty well.

All treats should never exceed 10% of their total diet. They are meant to supplement them with some extra vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

So, there is nothing bad with feeding some leftover sprouts with your chickens. Happy hen raising!

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