Can Chickens Eat Cilantro? Any health benefits

Chickens can eat a wide variety of foods. These feathered friends aren’t picky and can eat even chicken if they get it. So, can chickens eat cilantro?

Feeding chickens is fun and good. I enjoy watching my Salmon feverolle chickens pecking at a cabbage head after returning to their pallet coop.

So many types of foods that humans eat are good for chickens. But mostly, as treats to supplement them with additional minerals and vitamins.

In this article, let’s tackle chickens and cilantro and know whether it is the good for them or not. At the end, you will be able to tell whether to feed it to them or not.

Let’s roll!

Do chickens eat cilantro?

Yes! There is nothing wrong with feeding cilantro to your chickens once in a while. This tasty herb is packed with vitamins and minerals that are good for your flock.

Cilantro is low in calories and packed with vitamins. Low calorie treats are good because they will not make your white roosters obese and overweight.

But as with the general rule of thumb, all treats should not exceed 10% of the total food chickens eat. Let the other 90% be their main diet of crumbles and pellets.

What type of cilantro is good for chickens?

The vegetative part of cilantro is good. This means that the leaves, stems and roots can all be eaten by chickens.

Cilantro seeds are often known as coriander. These seeds are good too when fed to chickens. The main difference between the seeds and the leaves is that cilantro contains more vitamins but few minerals while coriander is mineral rich but with low vitamin levels.

Coriander is more common with spicy rich foods like Indian dishes where it is highly valued. On the other hand, cilantro is common in Chinese cuisines and Mexican foods.

This herb is rich in flavors which chickens are certainly going to like. Whether raw or cooked, cilantro is healthy to feed often as long as chickens eat it up well.

Do not do away with their staple diet because chickens have found a new treat. It will be wise if you feed in moderation as a treat.

What are the health benefits of feeding cilantro to chicken?

As I said earlier, cilantro is very low in calories but rich in vitamins and minerals. Remember that foods with more calories are likely going to make chickens obese and overweight.

If chickens gain too much weight, they are at risk of getting illnesses such as back and joint problems. They also become easy for predators such as possums and hawks to catch.

For you to understand better, study the table below and see what this herb will add to your chickens health once consumed.

Nutrients                                       Amount

Energy                                            279Kcal

Dietary fibers                                10.41g

Carbohydrate                                15.38g

Protein                                            21.94g

Water                                              7.31g

Iron                                                  42.45g

Sodium                                            212mg

Zinc                                                  4.26mg

Fats                                                  0.116g

Magnesium                                    695mg

Calcium                                           1245mg

Potassium                                       4467mg

Phosphorus                                    482mg

Vitamin K                                        22.6mg

Vitamin C                                        556.6mg

Niacin                                              10.708mg


As you can see from the table above, cilantro is one of the healthiest treat to feed chickens. It is well-packed with nutrients that will make chickens robust and happy.

How to feed cilantro to chickens?

Cilantro is easy to feed and require no formula. It can be tossed directly on the ground or mixed with other tasty treats like celery and green beans.

If you decide to scatter it on the ground, be prepared for any health hazard. The bare ground may contain harmful germs that can make chickens ill.

Remove uneaten or leftover cilantro after chickens have their fill. This way, you will prevent any rotten foods that can make your birds sick.

You can choose to chop it into small pieces. However, to I find it easy for chickens to eat cilantro whole. Its leaves and stems are soft therefore they are not likely to get chocked.

Chickens do not require much of it. Although, eating much cilantro causes no harm to their health. Offer it to them as a treat in moderation.

Do not be surprised if some of your bantam breeds do not embrace it. Especially for the first time, some chickens will be curious and choose to ignore while others will much on it like they have been eating it.

Chickens can eat cilantro and mint. You will know this if they happen to sneak into your vegetable garden and forage on these herbs.

My chickens don’t spare cilantro flowers either. They eat them up pretty well. I am happy when they eat cilantro because it is a good natural dewormer for chickens.

Can baby chickens eat cilantro?

It is good if you let chicks stick to chick starter feeds. These feeds are well formulated and contain high levels of proteins and vitamins.

Cilantro is a treat and does not contain all the nutrients chicks require for development. Baby chickens are in their growing stage and have feathers, muscles and bones they need to develop.

It is good if you let chicks grow until they are out of the chicken brooder for you to introduce treats to them.

However, nothing will happen to them if they eat cilantro. The only thing to expect is that these little feathered friends may not be interested in cilantro at all.

All treats fed to chickens are meant to supplement their diets with extra nutrients. But for treats like mealworms, chicks can eat them up.

These dried worms are rich in protein which will help in building their bodies. They are good for chicks above six weeks.

What other herbs can chickens eat?

Apart from cilantro, there are other herbs good for chicken’s health. These herbs can be fed directly or mixed with other treats like popcorn and carrots.


Will chickens eat mint? Yes! Mint is good for the health of your birds. This herb lowers body temperature and can be good for chickens in summer.

Mint is used by some people as a natural chicken lice and mite control where the smell repels away these notorious parasites.


Thyme is a good herb and chickens will certainly love its citrusy flavor. It is added in chicken nesting boxes to keep away rats, lice and scaly mites.

In addition to this, this herb is packed with vitamins and minerals that will boost the chicken’s health. Thyme has strong antibacterial and antibiotic properties good for their immune systems.


This powerful antioxidant is very good and can be fed to chickens. It is believed that sage can help fight salmonella and therefore good for the health of your birds.


Garlic has for very long been used to fight off many chickens ailments like inflammation and some respiratory related issues.

So, chickens can eat garlic and it is good for their health. Let your birds have it once in a while as a treat. Too much garlic can affect the eggs flavor.


Parsley is very good and chickens will spare nothing from the leaves to the stems. This herb is packed with vitamins and minerals that will aid in healthy growth and development.

Let your hens enjoy parsley once in a while to supplement their bodies with additional nutrients as well as keep them busy munching on something.


Chickens can eat oregano because it does no harm to them. Dried oregano can be mixed with chicken feeds to help add extra nutrients to their bodies.

Oregano is rich in calcium which will help your hens lay eggs with strong shells. It is also rich in Vitamins and other vital minerals.


Lavender is good for chickens to eat. This herb is loaded with vitamins and minerals thus are a good way to supplement their health.

It is known to improve blood circulation which will ensure that oxygen and nutrients reach to all body parts as required.

Herbs to avoid when feeding chickens

1 Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus contains some eucalyptus oil which can be toxic to poultry, humans and other farm animals. Do not use it near chicken to avoid poisoning.

The leaves of eucalyptus leaves harbor growth of a certain fungus that can be very toxic to chickens if swallowed.

2 Henbane

Henbane can be very dangerous once it gets in the chickens bodies. Do not let it grow in your backyard and uproot it once you come across one.

This herb can cause heart problems coma and death may occur if you do not call a qualified chicken vet to treat sick birds on time.

3 Night shade family

Night shade family plants include eggplant, capsicum, tomato, potato and tobacco. These plants can be toxic to chickens when consumed.

4 Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can cause serous abdominal pain and diarrhea when ingested. Don’t let your curious chickens eat it at all.

Final Thoughts

Cilantro is a good herb to feed to your flock of hens. This treat is full of vitamins and low in calories making it one of the best treats for chickens.

However, cilantro is good when fed in moderation and sparingly.

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