Can chickens eat peaches?

Naturally, chickens are omnivores. They will collect seeds, forage on plants, eat grubs, insects and will even not spare a tiny lizard or a rodent that crosses their path. So, can chickens eat peaches?

Hens are not choosy and the same applies to roosters too. These feathered friends will eat almost anything they collect on the backyard.

We are fond of sharing some of our food with chickens, leftovers and table scraps too will find their way inside chicken feeders.

So, let’s talk chickens and peaches. This will help you get a better understanding and answer your question are peaches good for chickens to eat.

Do chickens like peaches?

Peaches are good and chickens do like them. These fruit treats contain some good vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants in them.

Chickens will have peaches if you give them just like they will munch on zucchini or those leftover mashed potatoes for dinner.

However, do not be surprised if some of your chicken breeds are hesitant to taste the fruit. These critters have different tastes and preferences like us.

If peaches are a new treat to them, not every hen in the coop will embrace it quickly.

Can chickens eat peach skin?

Yes chickens can eat peach skin just like they will eat watermelon rinds if they get them. However, do you know the source of the fruit you want to share with your Yellow roosters?

Some store bought fruit may not be the best for chickens. These fruits might have been grown in areas where farmers heavily rely on pesticides and other farm chemicals to control pests.

If chickens consume chemical laden fruits, they may get sick or die. Wash your peaches well with clean water before feeding them to chickens.

Peach skin is healthy and nutritious for your pullets. Since the peach [peels are very thin, it is very likely that you will feed them together with the flesh which is fine.

Is peach flesh good for chickens?

Peach flesh is the most edible part of the fruit. It is very good and is packed with a list of nutrients which are beneficial to the health of your flock.

Be generous and kind enough to share some of your fruit with your girls. In return they will lay you lots of eggs for breakfast.

Feeding fruits to chickens helps supplement their diets with extra nutrients. It also prevents wastage of the fruits especially when you have a bumper harvest.

Chickens will happily peck at the peach flesh happily. Although this part may stick on their beaks because of its sticky nature, your birds know how to clean their mouths pretty well.

Can chickens eat peach seeds?

Although peach skin and flesh are good for chickens to eat, the case is very different with the seeds. These fruits belong to the stone fruit family where the seeds are toxic for chickens.

Just like pits of cherries, avocado seed and grape seeds, peach seeds are laden with cyanide. When ingested, these seeds can lead to ill health or death.

Do not feed chickens peaches with seeds. Use a knife to cut open the peach fruit and remove the seed before feeding the fruit.

These seeds are tough, hard and it will be difficult for chickens to eat them. However, if they get swallowed they are a serious threat to the health of your birds.

How many peaches do chickens need?

Peaches are treats just like cabbages and pumpkins are. Treats are meant to supplement chickens diet with extra nutrients.

When feeding peaches to chickens, it is good that you do it with moderation. Chicken treats should not exceed 10% of their total diet.

Do not do away with their main diet of commercial feeds just because you found out that your black hens have developed a taste for peaches.

These fruits do not have all the nutrients that your hens require for sustenance. So, feed in moderation to avoid malnutrition cases in your flock.

In addition to this, it is good you remember that peaches are sugar laden. Too much sugar is not good for chicken’s health and it can make them obese and overweight.

If chickens get used to sweet foods, they may develop a taste for sugar which may pose a challenge trying to switch them back to their staple diet.

Can chicks eat peaches?

Peaches are not the recommended feeds for chicks. As I said earlier, they do not contain all the nutrients these little creatures require for robust growth and development.

It is good if your chicks stick to their staple diet of chick starter feeds. They need a protein rich feed at the rate of 22-24%.

Chicks have more muscles, bones, internal organs and feathers to develop thus calling for a protein rich diet.

In addition to protein, chicks need other vital antioxidants and vitamins in the right amount. They need clean drinking water too and chick grit to help in food digestion.

It is good if chicks stick to their staple diet until they are 6 weeks old, out of the chick brooder and fully feathered.

How to serve peaches to chickens

Peaches do not require a lot of preparations or cooking for chickens to eat. As long as they are ripe and seedless, they are good for your boys.

However, peaches can be served in different ways for chickens.


This is a very good way to keep chickens busy. Hens will spend most of their time pecking at the fruit and this will minimize cases of bullying and feather picking.

If the peaches are eaten when hanged, chickens are not likely going to collect any dirt or chicken poop. This ensures cleanliness and hygiene.

Serving your fruit this way, the fruit is free from rodents and other types of vermin that come to your chicken coop for free meals.

Mix with chicken feeds or other treats

Chop your peaches into bite size pieces and mix them with other chicken treats like whole corn or those dried mealworms from your local tractor supply store.

You can also mix this treat with chicken feeds and serve as one meal. Doing this way, chickens will get a host of nutrients at once.

However do not forget to remove any uneaten fruit from the chicken feeder. If it overstays for long, it may get bad and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Flinge on the ground

This is perhaps the easiest method of feeding peaches to chickens. Hurl the fruit to your flock directly on the ground and let them enjoy it.

However this method is not the best for me because the fruits will get dirty. Chickens may also step on overripe peaches and spread the mash all over.

Wrap up thoughts

Chickens like peaches and they can have them just like they enjoy bananas. These fruits are nutritious and healthy for your girls.

However, the seeds of peaches are not good and pose a health risk when eaten. They contain cyanide a harmful chemical when ingested.

These treats do not contain all the nutrients chickens require for growth. Therefore, feed them in moderation.

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