Can Ducks Eat Strawberries?

Ducks are not choosy when it comes to food. These water birds will nibble on anything that seems edible. So, can ducks eat strawberries?

Almost 90% of all duck food is made up of forage material. They are adept foragers and will eat weeds, grass, water plants, vegetables and other edible leaves they get.

Ducks are omnivores just like chickens are. These birds will eat plants, seeds, insects, mealworms, lizards, small snakes and even rodents.

So, what is the relationship between ducks and strawberries? In this article, I am going to take you through whether strawberries are good food for ducks.

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Can ducks eat strawberries?

The answer is yes! Strawberries are good fruits for ducks to eat. They are loaded with a host of beneficial nutrients that are good for ducks health.

Be kind and share some of your extra fruit with your Welsh Harlequin ducks after a bumper harvest. Feeding fruit treats to our pet ducks is a good way to avoid any food wastage.

Treats are good because they will help lower the cost of feeding your flock.

Can ducks eat strawberry tops?

Strawberry tops pose no health hazard to your ducks. In most cases, these fruits are harvested together with the tops so that they can stay fresh for long.

Most of our kitchen scraps are these fruit tops. Do not let them rot in your compost if there are ducks in your pen.

Strawberry tops are healthy and nutritious to your birds. However, not all ducks will like them especially if you are feeding them for the first time.

Ducks do like strawberry tops because they are forage materials just like kale and cabbages.

Are strawberry leaves good for ducks?

As I earlier said, ducks are adept foragers. They will eat strawberry leaves and other weeds if they happen to sneak in your garden.

However, too much of something is poison. Ducks are not wise but you are and if you leave them to eat on their own, they will eat too much strawberry plants which is not good.

Too much of these leaves can lead to severe diarrhea so, watch out!

In addition to this, those leaves may contain some pesticides and other farm chemicals. When these chemicals are swallowed, they can be very toxic leading to ill health or death.

How many strawberries should ducks eat?

Strawberries are treats just like grapes and apples. All treats are meant to supplement the diet of your ducks with extra nutrients.

Do not do away with their main diet of crumbles and pellets just because you found out that your ducks can eat strawberries.

The general rule of thumb states that, all treats should not exceed 10% of the total ducks diet. The remaining 90% should comprise of their main diet and forage material.

These tasty fruits should be tossed to your ducks once in a while and in moderation. Remember that they do not contain all the nutrients your birds require.

Therefore, toss them once or twice in a week.

How to feed strawberries to ducks

Strawberries do not require much preparation as long as they are not rotten. In addition to this, they should be well ripen or even overripe.


This is very easy. Chop your strawberries into half using a sharp knife and put them in clean duck feeders.

Serving them in feeders ensures that your birds eat them while still fresh and clean. It also gives all ducks an equal feeding opportunity minimizing cases of chaos when feeding.

Chopped fruits can also be mixed with duck feeds and fed to your birds together. You can also mix them with other tasty duck treats like Mashed potatoes, chopped carrots and whole corn.

Before chopping your treats, clean them with plenty of water to remove any dirt and chemicals that may be present on them.


This is passing a string in your fruits and hanging them inside your duck pens. This way, your ducks will enjoy the fruits fresh and clean.

Hanging treats is a good way to break boredom in your ducks because they will be busy pecking before dusk instead of fighting and bullying each other.

You can mix several fruit treats together inside a treat ball and hang for your birds to eat. This method ensures that your birds get a variety of nutrients at once.


Frozen strawberries are one of the best treats that you can serve to your ducks on a hot summer day. Chop them or put them whole in your freezer and leave them.

When it is hot, go get your fruits and hurl them to your ducks. They will enjoy these cold treats happily keeping their bodies cool.

Freezing these fruits is a good way to keep them fresh especially when they are in plenty after a bumper harvest.

These fruit treats can be frozen together with other tasty duck treats like watermelon, zucchini and cucumber for a hot day.

What are the nutritional benefits of feeding strawberries to ducks?

As I said earlier, strawberries are packed with a host of vitamins and minerals which are very beneficial for the health of your ducks.

To get a better meaning of this, study the table below.

Nutrients                                            Value

Water                                                   211

Cholesterol                                         0

Protein                                                 1.55g

Fat                                                          0.696g

Carbohydrate                                    17.8g

Fiber                                                      4.64g

Sugars                                                   11.3g

Vitamin C                                             136mg

Vitamin K                                             5.1ug

Manganese                                        0.896mg

Iron                                                        0.951mg

Potassium                                           355mg

Magnesium                                        30.2mg

Phosphorus                                        55.7mg

Sodium                                                 2.32mg

Zinc                                                        0.325mg

Folate                                                   55.7mcg


Water is very important for the health of your ducks. It helps in the digestion of food as well as removal of waste food materials.

Without enough drinking water, your Cayuga ducks will die of dehydration. Make sure your birds get enough clean drinking water throughout.


Fiber plays a vital role in the health of any living organism. It helps regulate blood sugar in your ducks making them strong and healthy.

This important mineral also helps in the digestion of food. Fiber prevents constipation and makes sure that the bowels run down smoothly.


This important mineral plays a major role in the health of your ducks. Protein aids in body building making sure their body organs and tissues are healthy.

It helps in the development of feathers and claws.

Can baby ducks eat strawberries?

Baby ducks are curious and will try anything new that seems edible. However, strawberries are not the right food for these little critters.

They require a high protein diet because they have more tissues, organs and feathers to develop. Duck treats do not contain all the nutrients these baby ducks require for healthy growth and development.

In addition to this, their digestive systems are not fully developed to digest treats. Let them stick to their main diet of starter feeds until they are over six weeks old.


Strawberries are good treats to feed to your flock of Cayuga drakes. Wash and clean the fruit the toss to your ducks for them to eat.

However, do not do away with their main course just because you found out they can eat strawberries well.

These tasty fruits are treats and they need to be fed to your birds in moderation. Avoid those store bought strawberries because they may be laden with chemicals which can be very toxic when swallowed.

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