Can Ducks Eat Watermelon?

Ducks are not choosy and they will not disappoint you. They love tasty fruits because they help- supplement their bodies with extra nutrients. So, can ducks eat watermelon?

Feeding ducks is fun and enjoyable. Pet ducks will eat a variety of our leftovers and table scraps which is a good way to minimize food wastage.

In this article I am going to take you through everything you need to know about ducks and watermelon. This will help you know whether this is the right duck treat to toss or not.

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Can ducks eat watermelon?

The answer is yes! Watermelon falls on the range of the fruits that ducks can eat. This fruit is packed with a host of vitamins and minerals which are very beneficial to your Khaki Campbell duck.

If watermelons are in plenty, do not let those extra pieces or leftovers end up in your compost. They are a tasty snack to your ducks just as they are to you.

Can ducks eat watermelon rind?

Watermelon rinds pose no health threat to your duck breeds. The white part together with the green part of the rind is good for ducks to eat.

However, the rinds may be tough and large for your ducks to swallow. It will be prudent if you first chop them into tiny bite-sized pieces to prevent choking.

In addition to this, these peels might be laden with chemicals especially if the fruits were store bought. Clean them first with plenty of water to remove any chemicals or dirt present.

Are watermelon seeds good for ducks?

I know you might be a bit skeptical about the seeds. This is so because some treats like grapes and raisins have taught us a lesson.

However, the case is completely different with watermelon seeds. They are safe and good for ducks to eat.

When feeding watermelon to ducks do not be bothered to remove the seeds. But to be on the safe side, do not feed too much of these seeds because they may lead to crop impaction.

Do ducks like watermelon?

Ducks like watermelon a lot and they will eat these tasty fruits smiling. They are good and healthy to their bodies just like pineapples and strawberries are.

However, rotten and bad watermelons are not good and should never be fed to ducks. If you cannot eat bad food, then do not feed then to your ducks.

Rotten fruits are a recipe for ill health or even death.

How much watermelon can ducks eat?

Your Welsh harlequin ducks will eat as much watermelon until they are full. This will happen if you feed them too much fruit or you leave too many fruits for them.

It is good you remember that watermelons are treats just like mealworms and whole corn. All treats should be fed sparingly and in moderation.

Treats do not have all the nutrients that these webbed birds require for healthy growth and robust development.

The general rule of thumb requires all treats to not exceed 10% of the total ducks diet. Most of their diet should consist of commercial layer pellets and crumbles.

What will happen if ducks eat too much watermelon?

Too much watermelon is not good for ducks. Remember that this fruit is a treat and it is meant to supplement the diet of your ducks with extra nutrients.

Watermelons are sweet and are sugar laden. Too much sugar is not good for ducks heath. It is converted into fat and stored in body tissues making your Cayuga drakes obese.

Obese ducks are heavy and unhealthy. The too much weight in their bodies will put a lot of pressure on their honks and joints causing problems.

Overweight ducks cannot run or fly to flee when predators are hunting on them. They are prone to heart attack and liver problems.

Feeding too much sugary foods to ducks can make them to develop a taste for sweet treats. This may pose a serious challenge as you try to switch them back to their crumbles and pellets.

What are the benefits of feeding watermelon to ducks?

As I said earlier, watermelons are packed with a host of nutrients and vitamins as well as some powerful antioxidants which are good for ducks.


Over 90% of this tasty fruit is made up of water. This makes it a very good source of moisture for your ducks on a hot summer day.

You can feed watermelon to chickens and ducks when frozen. When this treat is very frozen, it is a good way to keep your ducks cold in summer.

Water will help keep your ducks hydrated. It helps in food digestion and ensures that all the metabolic processes run smoothly.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very important to your ducks. It is a major component in the eggs and will make sure your duck eggs are healthy and good.

This vitamin is also very helpful in dealing with environmental stress like excess heat, cold and any other form of distress.


Although excess sugars are unhealthy for ducks, little amounts are good. Sugar is converted into fat which helps act as a shock absorber and insulate the body against cold.


Iron is very important in the health of ducks. This mineral helps to prevent a blood condition called anemia.

It ensures overall health of your ducks making them productive and robust.

Boredom buster

A slice of watermelon will help keep your ducks eating something before dusk. This will keep them busy and occupied instead of fighting and bullying each other.

Tossing watermelon to ducks is a good way of making them to return to their pen on time before dusk keeping them safe from predators.

How to feed watermelon to ducks


First clean the fruit with plenty of clean water to remove any dirt or chemicals which might be present. Use a sharp knife to chop this tasty treat into pieces.

It will be good if you serve the chopped fruit in clean duck feeders. This will ensure they eat it clean unlike when hurled on the ground where there is dirt and germs.

Cutting watermelon into pieces makes it easier for your ducks to swallow without choking especially for the tough rinds.


Frozen watermelons are good and refreshing on a hot summer day. This treat will help the cool down and feel refreshed.

You can mix chopped pieces with other treats like cucumber, zucchini, chard and pineapple and freeze them together.

Ducks will eat a mixture of these cold teats and get a host of different nutrients under one serving.


Make a hole and pass a string through a piece of watermelon and hang it inside your pen. Ducks will enjoy this treat dangling from the ceiling fresh and clean.

Chopped pieces of watermelons can also be put in a treat ball and hanged in your duck pen for your birds to eat.

Can baby ducks eat watermelon?

Baby ducks will eat watermelon if they get it out of curiosity and its sweet taste. However, this fruit treat is not the right food for these little critters.

Ducklings should be fed on starter feeds because they are specially formulated for these birds. These feeds are also high in niacin and protein like they require.

Watermelons and other fruit treats do not have all the nutrients that these birds need. Therefore, feeding treats to ducklings can lead to malnutrition.

In addition to this, their digestive systems are not well developed to digest treats. With this in mind, let baby ducks stick to their feeds until they reach the right stage.

What foods can ducks not eat?

Spinach- Spinach interferes with Vitamin C absorption in the body. However, small amounts of spinach can be fed to ducks as a treat.

Dairy products-All the dairy products except cheese are not good for ducks to eat. They can lead to diarrhea which will in turn cause dehydration and wet butts.

Although cheese is good, it should be fed in moderation.

Raw beans- Raw beans should never be fed to ducks even in small amounts. They have a toxic substance in them called hemagluttinin which can lead to death.

However cooked beans and green beans are good and can be fed to Spanish ducks in moderation.

Raw meat- Uncooked meat, chicken and raw fish can cause salmonella poisoning when ingested. However, cooked meat with no salt and butter can be fed as a treat.

Junk foods- Most processed foods and junks like popcorn, crackers, marsh mallows and pizza are not good for ducks.

These foods contain salt and oils which are not good for the health of your ducks. However leftover junk foods can be fed in moderation.

Chocolate- Chocolate contains theobromine a toxic substance when ingested even in small amounts. When eaten death can occur with 30-45 minutes.

Caffeine- Ducks do not need to feel high like you do. Caffeine found in coffee and nicotine from tea products is toxic to these critters.

Stone fruits- Seeds and pits from fruits of this family like plum, apricots and peaches contain cyanide a toxic chemical when ingested.

Remove the seeds first before feeding.

Night shade plants- plants from the night shade family like tomato, potato and green pepper are toxic. They contain solanine which is harmful to the health of your ducks.


Watermelons are good fruits for ducks to eat. However it is recommended that you feed these fruits to your flock in moderation.

Avoid feeding store bought watermelon to your ducks. This fruit may be laden with pesticides and other farm chemicals which can be very toxic when ingested.

Treats are tasty to ducks and feeding them ensures they get all the nutrients for healthy growth and development.

Do your ducks eat watermelon? Share your thoughts.

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