Chicken Diapers: The magic behind them

Modern chickens are now being clothed but not to attend fashion shows but rather to tame poo. Chicken diapers are a new invention that has taken the world by surprise.

In 2010, Julie Baker a Claremont resident engineered the chicken pants. Lol! This was triggered by one of her old English hen pet dropping chicken poop everywhere in her house.

It is not common to see chickens clothed. But perhaps due to the dynamic pattern of the modern world, more surprises are yet to come.

In this article I am going to tackle chicken diapers and how important they are to our pet chickens.

What are chicken diapers?

Chicken diapers are a special type of clothing purposely made to prevent chickens from pooing all over the house.

In most cases, diapers are common to those people who keep chickens as pets and live with them in their house.

Serama chickens and Silkie roosters are the best examples of cuddly and friendliest chicken breeds that are kept as pets.

In order to take care of the inevitable, chicken diapers are an excellent way to collect chicken poop in a decent way.

What are the best products for chicken diapers?

There are a host of products available for chicken diapers. However, I have reviewed some of the best products that I have used with my pet chickens.

Let`s roll!

Pampered Poultry Washable Chicken Diapers

pampared poultry chicken diapers

These chicken diapers are made of 100% cotton. This gives your roosters the much needed comfortable they need as pets.

They come with a pouch which cannot leak any wet poop on your floor. Use a paper towel inside the pouch to collect poop and empty it by removing the paper towel.

These diapers for chickens can be washed, dried and reused again. This makes them very economical and pocket friendly.

They are available in different sizes depending on the age of your bird. First measure your hens to know their exact size before purchasing.

Pranovo Pet Diaper Nappy Poultry Cloth

pranovo pet nappy cloth

I am sure you want your chicken to come indoors or have a ride on your car. Pranovo pet diapers will keep your house or car free from any mess.

These diapers for chickens are easy to put on. They come with straps that are crisscrossed over the chickens back to ensure they fit well.

Pranovo diapers are comfortable and convenient. They have a cup that fits well around your chickens butt without being too tight.

These diapers will not only serve chickens but also other types of poultry. They can be used with geese too and you can bring your bird indoors to closely monitor it as it heals.

Bonaweite Pet Diaper

bonaweite chicken diaper

Bonaweite chicken diapers will help your chickens live indoors. They are very comfortable and easy for your chickens to wear.

These diapers for hens and roosters are available in three sizes and seven colors. You will choose a diaper that you like for your friendliest chicken.

They will not only let your chicken live inside but also they will help them stay close to you when healing. This will allow you to monitor them even during the night.

Pet Chicken Diapers Duck Diapers

pet chicken diapers

Pet chicken diapers will help your birds transition from the outside to the inside life. They will help keep your house or car clean and free from any mess.

These diapers for chicken are made with a high quality cotton material. They can be washed and sun dried to be used again helping you save cash unlike disposable chicken diapers.

Diapers are one of the best gifts for chickens. This is so because they will let your birds come indoors and enjoy human company without them doing any mess on your teal cauch.

Do chickens need diapers?

Perhaps this is the most mind disturbing question I have ever thought of. I have never imagined seeing chickens in pants…ooops diapers in this case.

Letting chickens live indoors comes with an extra cost. These chooks excrete every now and then and overnight they can turn your living room messy.

In some States like New York, people have embraced the idea of raising pet chicks and even adult chickens.

Since such a state, comprises of modern apartments, chicken enthusiasts are left with no other option but to accommodate their fancy chickens in the house.

Welcoming friendly chickens in your house is easy but, what about the chicken poop? Is it welcome too? Here, diapers now come in.

It has proved hard to train chickens how to dispose of their waste like cats and dogs do. When the urge to relieve them strikes, they do it without regarding where they are.

Why diaper chickens?

In recent years, these birds are being raised as pets. Unlike some years back where chickens were seen as barn yard animals, things have changed.

House chickens are now embraced and given better care like other pets receive. Because they share the same house with their masters, something has to be done to manage poo. This is where diapers come in.

For chickens to wear diapers, they must have tail feathers and should not be rumples like Araucana chickens are.

Some sources say that even chicks that are four weeks and above can use them. The only thing they need is to have well developed tails to hold the bag of shit.

As it is common with baby diapers, check whether the diaper with your pet chicken needs to be changed after every 2 to 3 hours.

Staying long with a moist diaper can cause irritation and redness down there. The feathers can easily get moist and harbor bacterial growth.

You can choose to trim the feathers down there to keep your chicken moist free. In addition to that, do not let the birds be on diapers day and night.

Let the pet chicken have her diaper on only when she is in the house.

Types of chicken diapers

These are not just normal diapers you are used to. Chickens are unique and do not know the importance of having one on.

The reason you ensure your chickens have diapers is because you don’t want that white fluffy carpet littered with chicken poop.

I am sure your chooks are not comfortable with diapers on. But for them to enjoy spending the night on your teal couch, diapers are a must.

So, what are the types of chicken diapers?

Re-usable diapers

Reusable chicken diapers are those that can be washed, dried and re used again. These types are very economical and pocket friendly helping you save some extra dollars.

They are mostly made of hand sewn cotton fabric or any other material that can be washed and dried. Additionally, some contain water proof liners where you put toilet paper and empty the contents once full.

Other reusable diapers do not have any liner and you put one yourself. These types need to be checked regularly and changed.

Reusable chicken diapers are the most common that you will get in the market. They are easy to craft and add a fashion statement on them.

Some chicken enthusiasts make these with a variety of colors, ribbons and all sorts of decoration all meant to make the chicken butt look beautiful.

Disposable diapers

Disposable chicken diapers are those that once used can only be disposed and are no longer usable. They are not cheap because you cannot recycle them unlike the opposite.

They are only good and useful when new but when used; these types are rendered useless because they get contaminated with chicken poop.

These types are good if you want to travel and carry your pet chicken along with you.

DIY chicken diapers

DIY chicken diapers are cheap and easy to make. They are mainly made using some of the readily available materials.

Anything that can cover chicken butts can be used as long as it is safe and comfortable for them to use. Although some may not be 100% accurate, they still offer an alternative instead of a messy floor.

What are some of the things you can use to make DIY chicken diapers?

Old socks

Perhaps you have an old pair of socks that you want to throw away. Maybe one socks is missing and you are wondering what to do with the remaining partner.

This can be used to cover your chicken butt and help collect that awful smelling poop. You can add an elastic string to help keep it around the butt.

This way you are good to go.

Surgical mask

Surgical masks have become common and readily available due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. I am not sure whether an old mask is safe around the chicken butt or not.

The surgical mask covers the butt well and the elastic strings secure it in place by crossing them on the neck.

What to look in a chicken diaper

A good chicken diaper is not cheap or expensive but rather one that will work well and prevent your pet chickens from messing with your sofas and tiled floor.

Below are some of the factors to consider:


For a reusable chicken diaper, the best should be made of cotton or silk. Although those made of silk may be pricy, these materials are comfortable and easy to clean.

Good diapers should have water proof liners to keep the outer fabric material dry.


Pet chicks will require small diapers that cover the butt area well. On the other hand, adult hens and roosters require big diapers that well-fit their butts.


Choose a chicken diaper that has a U-shape because it will fit well around the chicken butt. Any loose diaper will leave gaps that will possibly leak poop out.

Pros of using chicken diapers

  • You can easily travel with your pet chick without it messing you.
  • The house remains clean always.
  • Sick and ailing chickens can be brought to the house for a 24- hour monitoring.


  • Chickens can get their feathers moist and butts red if the diaper overstays.
  • Rumples chicken breeds are likely going to be left out.
  • Some birds will not be comfortable in diapers.

Final Thoughts

Chicken diapers are a modern way of taming chicken poop and keeping the house clean. However, this invention has made some birds have their feathers down there trimmed disqualifying them from poultry shows.

Silkie chicken diapers are a good way of ensuring your favorite bird is welcomed in your living room as a guest. Do you use chicken diapers?

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