Heated Chicken Waterer: All You Need To Know

Water is very important to the health of chickens. It becomes very challenging in winter when every single drop freezes and your chickens have no water to drink. This is when you think of a tool that can help keep their drinking water from freezing. So, what can a heated chicken waterer do?

Thirsty chickens are angry and unhealthy. They will stop laying or lay few eggs immediately their water supply is cut.

If chickens lack enough drinking water, they may dehydrate to death. Water helps in digestion of food and excretion of undigested food.

So, what do you use to ensure your chickens have enough drinking water in winter? In this article, I am going to bring you the best products for a heated chicken waterer and a buyer guide. This will help you know how to keep chicken water from freezing when temperatures plummet.

Scroll and learn how to keep chicken water from freezing.

What is a chicken waterer?

There may be different definitions for a chicken waterer heated, but this is what a chicken waterer is to me. It is a vessel, tool or an object that keeps chicken drinking water warm and free from freezing during winter weather without scalding your chickens.

They should keep the water clean, fresh and in liquid state all year round. Heated chicken waterers should keep the water in aqueous nature and free from icing when temperatures are low especially during winter weather.

Good waterers for chicken should not rust or corrode, they should be easy to clean, durable, easy to empty and refill, and should have the ability to keep the water clean and fresh always.

6 Best Products for a Heated Chicken Waterer

I have been keeping chickens for many years. In the course of the chicken raising journey, I have encountered some serious challenges especially during winter when all the water freeze and then into ice.

This has made me use several heated chicken waterers and I have enough experience on them. So, from my personal experience and research, I have a nice list of 6 waterers that I will recommend.

It is good before you swipe your card and make any payment to know what will suit you best without fail. That is the reason I am here for you.

Let’s roll!

RentACoop 2 Liter (67oz) Heated Poultry Waterer for Chickens/Pigeon/Quail etc

rentacoop heated poultry waterer

Key Features

Weight: 1.21 Pounds

Size: 8.43 by 6.77 by 4.69 inches

Origin: USA

Manufacturer: RantACoop

This plastic heated chicken waterer will keep the water free from freezing all year round. Additionally, it can be used at all weathers may it be summer or winter.

Do not worry about rust or corrosion. The high quality plastic material is durable and strong to serve you as long as you want it to.

It is very economical when it comes to the amount of power it requires. Just 15 watts and the waterer is powered on. This heated chicken waterer has a 22 inch long power cord and uses a type A 110v plug.

Cleaning this winter chicken waterer is as easy as closing your eyes. Some soap dish washing soap or apple cider vinegar then rinse with clean water and you are good to go.

It is very versatile and can be used anywhere you want it to. This tool can be hanged, mounted or even put on the ground as per your wish.

This heated chicken waterer has a flip top that allows easy refill. It can still operate when the temperatures are as low as -10 degrees and still keep the water in liquid form.

The nipple drinking style with this chicken waterer heated will always ensure that the chicken drinking water remains clean and fresh always. In addition to that there will be no cases of water spillage and wet chicken coop bedding.


  • This heated chicken waterer will keep the water clean and fresh.
  • It will still operate even when temperatures are at -10 degrees.
  • This chicken tool is easy to clean.


  • The nipple drinker may be hard for chickens to use.

Harris Farms Double Wall Poultry Drinker

Harris farms poultry drinker

Key Features

Size: 15.75 by 16.87 by 15.75 Inches

Weight: 5.5 Pounds

Origin: China

Unlike a plastic chicken waterer that cannot be used with a heated base, this waterer requires a heated base to keep the water ice free and make it some degrees warm.

A heated base will minimize the risk of beddings catching fire. It only gets warm to and not hot enough to ignite a fire.

These types of chicken waterers are available in different sizes. Here you have the liberty to choose the one that will fit your flock well.

This waterer will not allow light to penetrate in because it has a metallic sheet body. No light means that no algae will thrive in the chicken drinking water contaminating it.

It is light and can be carried along with ease. This makes it easy to transport and store because it can be dismantled into parts.

The metallic sheet material makes this metal waterer very durable and it will last and serve you for many years.

This waterer will keep the water clean and fresh all the time.


  • They are available in different sizes.
  • It keeps the water clean and fresh.
  • This waterer can be used with a heated base to make a DIY heated chicken waterer.
  • It does not allow algae to grow because no light can go through.


  • It can easily rust and corrode because it has a metallic body.
  • This waterer cannot be hanged because it has a weak handle that can break off easily.

Farm Innovators Model HP-Heated Base For Metal Poultry Founts, 125-Watt

heated base poultry founts

Key Features

Size: 17 by 16.5 by 4.25 Inches

Weight: 3.65 Pounds

Manufacturer: Farm Innovators

Origin: USA

This heated base for chicken waterer heats your chicken waterer helping to keep water ice free when temperatures are low.

It is powered by 125 watts of current producing just enough heat to keep the water warm for your birds when temperatures plummet.

This device can be used in the chicken coop and outside. It is not deterred by harsh or strong weather and it remains in use as long as the power is sufficient.

It is very durable and will last long.


  • It can be used in the coop and outside.
  • They help keep the water ice free during winter.


  • It may get too hot and cause fire.

Farm Innovators Model HPF 100 All seasons Heated Plastic Poultry Fountain, 3 Gallon 100-Watt

Farm innovators heated poultry fountain

Key Features

Size: 12 by 16 by 12 Inches

Weight: 2.25 Pounds

Material: Plastic

Manufacturer: Farm Innovators

This heated chicken waterer is thermostatically controlled to operate and heat water only when the temperatures plummet.

It is crafted from a food grade plastic material that is resistant to rust and corrosion.

They can be dismantled and assembled with much ease making it easy to store and transport. The plastic material lets you check the water levels at a distance.


  • It keeps the water ice free during winter.
  • This heated chicken waterer is crafted from a durable plastic material that cannot rust or corrode.
  • It is easy to clean and check the water level from a distance.


  • Chickens can easily throw dirt in the water.

K & H Pet Products Thermo-Poultry Waterer 2.5gal. (Heated) Gray 60 Watts

thermo waterer

Key Features

Size: 16.45 by 15.7 by 15.4 Inches

Weight: 3.57

Brand: K & H Pet Products

Color: Gray

Material: Plastic

This heated chicken waterer is thermostatically controlled to help keep the water ice free during winter. It means that the waterer will not consume power when it is not cold.

It is very ideal for use at all weathers. During winter, this tool will keep the water in liquid state and a few degrees warmer. When hot, it will not consume power and it will still serve your birds.

These waterers come with a no roost cone shaped top. This prevents the birds from roosting on it keeping their drinking water free from poop.

They are crafted from a high quality food grade plastic material that is very easy to clean. Checking the water level can be done from a distance as the plastic lets you see through.

These chicken waterers are very economical in terms of power usage. They are powered by just 60 watts of power and the water remains a few degrees warm and ice free.


  • They are cone shaped to discourage chickens from using them as a roost.
  • It only requires small amounts of power to operate.
  • It is easy to check the water level.


  • Dirt and litter can easily fell in the water.

SLASHCOOL Upgraded 500-Watt De-Icer Submergible Cast Aluminium Utility De-Icer

upgraded de-icer submergible

Key Features

Size: 9.21 by 5.47 by 2.32 Inches

Weight: 1.65 Pounds

Material: Cast Aluminium

Manufacturer: SLASHCOOL

This De- icer is thermostatically controlled to operate only when the water temperatures plummet. Be sure with this amazing device that the water temperature will never drop below 35 degrees and not get warm above 45 degrees.

It is crafted from a cast aluminium material that does not rust nor corrode. This will give the device a longer service span and ensure that your chickens have drinking water even during the coming winters.

It comes attached to a 5 feet long power cord. This makes it very versatile and it can be connected to a power source several meters away.

They do not allow buildup of minerals that cause certain hot areas that paralyze the normal functioning of this device.

These devices are certified and proven for safety. The handle is plastic coated to ensure that they will not get hot to cause fires in the chicken coops.


  • They do not rust or corrode.
  • These devices are very versatile and can be used in tanks, basins and a variety of waterers


  • They require a GFCI circuit interrupter.

Factors to consider when buying a heated chicken waterer

You have all the best products for a heated chicken waterer above and it is time to make a purchase. Before you put your hand in the pocket consider this.

7 Things to look at

1 Power cord

The length of the power cord will determine where you will position your heated waterer. Short power cords will limit how far, high or low you will position chicken waterers.

Long power cords will give you a better chance to place waterers away from the power source. They will also allow you to have several waterers in the coop or outside.

The more waterers you have the less the drinking competition and bullying among chickens.

2 Material

What your heated chicken waterers are made of will determine the period of time they will serve your chickens.

Most metal chicken waterers are likely to rust and corrode reducing the service time. Plastic waterers will last longer but if they are placed on direct sun they will become weak and crack.

3 Capacity

The number of chickens you have will determine the capacity of the waterer you intend to purchase. Few birds only need a small waterer or a single large waterer to keep them going for days without a refill.

A large flock of chickens will need several large waterers. If you choose small waterers be ready to check them often and refill.

4 Age of your birds

Chick waterers should not be very tall. These baby chickens require water troughs or waterers placed on the ground. Consider their height.

Adult birds and tall chicken breeds will require waterers placed high for them. They can use almost all types of waterers because they can easily reach the drinking troughs.

5 Cost

Choose heated chicken waterers or make a heated chicken waterer DIY with your water heaters. Buy Quality products from reputable companies who have a track record.

Go for what you can afford!

6 Power

How much power does the waterer you are about to purchase use? Good chicken waterers are economical and do not use too much power.

Remember the more power it uses the higher the cost to foot the hefty electricity bill.

7 Heating mode

Different waterers have different heating modes. If want to use a bowl or basin for a chicken waterer go for a de-icer. This is only dipped in water to keep it ice free.

Closed waterers have in built heaters that keeps the water warm and in aqueous state.

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