Heated Poultry Waterer: All You Need to Know

A heated poultry waterer is an important chicken raising tool. It will help keep chicken water from freezing during the cold winter months.

When winter comes, everything freezes because of the low temperatures. Any drop of water becomes ice and chickens suffer from dehydration because they still need water to drink.

The cold weather does not just affect water but also the plants that chickens forage on. This is the time when chickens need to remain inside and supplemental heat from a chicken coop heater is much needed.

I prefer to confine my girls because their large combs are prone to frostbites. There is no need for them to roam out because there are no plants to forage on because of snow which already covers the ground.

What is a heated poultry waterer?

A heated poultry waterer is just the same as a heated chicken waterer. The only difference is the word poultry because it is a general term.

However, a heated poultry waterer can be used on all kinds of farm birds like quails, silver pheasants, guinea hens and others.

These are just unique waterers for winter that use electric current to keep chicken water from freezing and turning into a mass of ice.

Heated poultry waterers will not make your chicken water hot. What these tools do is that they keep it a few degrees warm to prevent it from freezing. The warm water becomes more appetizing for it your birds to drink on a cold day.

Which is the best heated poultry waterer?

There are different products for a heated poultry waterer available in the market. Personally I have enough experience with some of these products because I have raised chickens for a couple of years.

This has seen me use several of them during winter. I have reviewed some of the best heated poultry waterers that you can rely on to keep your birds hydrated through the cold season.

Let’s roll!

RentACoop 2-Liter Heated Poultry Waterer

rentacoop heated poultry waterer

This is one of the best heated poultry waterer that I have ever used. It is very efficient and will keep chicken water in liquid form even in -10 degrees.

Chickens drink from a nipple and there will be no cases of water spillage. Additionally, it is fitted with a lid so that no dirt or bedding will fall in when hens are busy doing their thing.

This poultry waterer heated will serve you even in summer. What you will do, is just use it without plugging in the power cord.

The flip top allows you to open with ease and clean it or do a refill. It is very versatile and can be used inside or outside the chicken coop mounted on the wall or placed on the ground.

This heated chicken waterer with nipple can be hanged on the wire using the spring clip and wire holder that comes along with it.


  • The water remains clean throughout.
  • It can be used in all seasons of the year.
  • The waterer is easy to clean.


  • Chickens can easily roost on the flat top.
  • Requires to be refilled more often.

Manna Pro Chicken Waterer Heated Base

chicken waterer heated base

This poultry waterer will help keep your chicken drinking water from freezing in winter. The heated base gets warm and heats a metal chicken waterer keeping the water in liquid form.

Additionally, this heated base can be used with plastic chicken drinkers. It just gets warm and not hot enough to burn or ignite any plastic material placed on top.

This product is thermostatically controlled and will get of once it reaches certain degrees of warmth. It is powered by 125watts of power and will operate on temperatures as low as 10 F.

Cleaning and storing this device is very easy. You will need a moist towel and soap then wipe it dry and put it in a carton until the next winter comes.


  • It can be used on both plastic and metal drinkers.
  • Cleaning and storing this device is easy.


  • It cannot be used without electricity.

Harris Farms Double Wall Poultry Drinker

harris farms poultry drinker

This is one of the best vacuum fed poultry drinkers that you can rely on. It can be used with baby turkeys, Manchurian pheasants and those Delaware chickens.

It is crafted from a metallic material and works well when placed on a heated base. These waterers are easy and quick to clean because they can be dismantled into parts.

Harris farms poultry waterer can be used both inside and outside the chicken coop regardless of the weather condition.

This 5 gallon heated poultry waterer tool can easily be hanged using a chain or wire. Hanging allows the water to remain clean and fresh for your Spanish turkeys to drink without kicking in dirt and beddings.

Do not worry about your chicken breeds roosting on top. The top is cone shaped to discourage chickens from perching on top.


  • This waterer can be used on any kind of weather.
  • It is easy to clean


  • This waterer can easily rust.
  • It must be used with a heated base.

Farm Innovators QT-1C 25W Heated Pet Bowl

heated pet bowl

This is another reliable product that will help keep your birds hydrated even in winter. It is thermostatically controlled to operate just when needed.

These heated pet bowls are very economical and only needs 25 watts of power to operate. They are sturdy with a strong and stable base.

It has a heavy duty anti-chew cord protector that deters chickens and other poultry who love to peck from chewing it.


  • It is easy to clean.
  • This device will keep chicken water in liquid state even in winter.


  • Chicks can easily fall in and drown.
  • Water will easily get dirt and poop.
  • Requires regular refilling.

Farm Innovators C-500 Utility De-Icer, 500-Watt

utility de-icer

This device is good for you if you have a large number of birds. It is designed to ensure that your poultry drinking water remains warm and in liquid form in winter.

They will operate with 500 watts of power and can keep 50 gallons of water free from ice. These devices are thermostatically controlled to operate only when needed.

This device is constructed using high quality aluminum cast to ensure efficiency. The power cord is plastic coated to guarantee safety to the user.


  • It can be used to de-ice large volumes of water.
  • This device is thermostatically controlled.


  • Requires more power to operate.
  • Cannot be used without electricity or solar power.

Factors to consider when buying a heated poultry waterer

The aim of buying a heated poultry waterer is to keep your birds hydrated. This is especially in winter when other common drinkers cannot keep water in liquid form.

However, you need to consider several things to ensure you get the right waterer. So, what do you need to look at in a poultry waterer?

Let’s indulge!


The size of any heated poultry waterer you will buy will depend on the number of birds you have. A large flock will need a big waterer that will hold enough water for them.

However, you can still choose to by several small waterers if you do not want a big one. Few birds will require one or two waterers and they are good to go.

But do not forget that several waterers will ensure all the birds get an equal drinking opportunity. Consider a case where there is chicken bullying because of few feeding and drinking stations.


The amount of electric current that a particular waterer requires to run is very important. This will also depend on the amount of water you need to keep ice free.

A waterer that requires low amount of power to operate is economical and cheap to use. However, choose one that can warm enough water to keep your birds hydrated.


A metal poultry waterer will not stay for long. This is because it will be affected by rust and corrosion unlike a plastic one.

However, a metal waterer will be good no matter the weather and can be used with a heated base to keep chicken water in liquid form.

Plastic chicken waterers are good but when subjected to freezing temperatures can become brittle and break easily.

Any waterer you choose should be easy to clean. I prefer those that can be dismantled and assembled back because you can clean every corner of them.


The amount of money in your pocket will determine what you will purchase. Choose what you can afford but also look at the quality.


Having a heated poultry waterer will make it easier for you to water your chickens in winter. Some are big enough and can keep chickens hydrated for several days without doing a refill.

However, you can still keep your chickens hydrated without electricity. Add ping pong balls or warm water to keep chicken water from freezing.

I am sure now you know the best heated poultry waterer to buy before the next winter season. Hydrated hens are happy and healthy.

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